Haythorn Sports & Events Partner with Positive Planet

23rd June 2021

“Haythorn Sports & Events (HS&E) are delighted to announce a new partnership with Positive Planet – an organisation set up with the aim of making sustainability simple, affordable and accessible for everyone.

This partnership will deliver in 2 main areas for HS&E:

Announcing the partnership, HS&E Founder and Managing Director Jody Hayes said “We’re grateful to Kate Suddards and the team at Positive Planet for their approach and helping us understand how small changes can help something that we’re all responsible for – namely saving the planet. This link up will not only help us ‘do our bit’ for the environment but sees HS&E offer our clients something that our competitors don’t – the ability to offset their carbon footprint from their team stays. We look forward to not only working with Kate and the team at Positive Planet going forward but also helping the wider sporting community achieve their sustainability goals as well”

Positive Planet commented, “The team at Positive Planet is really pleased to be working with Haythorn Sports & Events. While climate change has a long-term risk to our future on the planet, in the short term it presents a challenge to the future of elite sports. Rising temperatures and freak weather events are already causing disruption to elite sports events. Most professional athletes have carbon footprints, which are 3 to 6 times that of the average UK adult. Professional sports clubs have a significant leadership role to play in helping to both raise awareness of the impact of climate change and demonstrating how to achieve more sustainable practices in their operations. Haythorn Sports & Events are setting a great example in committing to reduce their carbon emissions and raising awareness of the need to take action with their clients”.

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