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Haythorn Sports & Events is the pre-eminent choice of agent for professional sports teams in the UK built on 15 years of hospitality experience. We provide a customised service based on your unique requirements. There’s no “one size fits all” mentality here!

Sports Services

Haythorn Sports & Events understands the importance of issue-free preparation for professional sports teams. Having worked with the very best professional sports teams, we’ve seen how it’s done well… and how it’s done not so well. This unrivalled experience of working with teams at hotel level stands us above all other suitable options available to really understand not only your requirements, but potential pinch points along the way that could hamper your big match preparation.

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Team Accommodation & Travel

Utilising a national network of hotel contacts across multiple hotel chains and management companies.

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Individual Accommodation & Travel

Scouts searching for the next star? Medics attending a conference? We can take the stress away.

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International Accommodation & Travel

Fully organised trip, flights, coach transfers, training facilities, interpreters – we can do it all.

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Hotel Services

Having worked within the worlds largest hospitality company, dealing with hundreds of team stays on-site, Haythorn Sports & Events are perfectly suited to deliver personalised Sports Team Stay educational courses to your hotel teams. These one day courses cover the details of Sports Team Stays that are often over-looked, to put you in the best position to secure Sports Team Stay enquiries, covert them and get them back again. Topics covered include: 

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Quoting to win

We help you look how effectively position your hotel to the Sports Travel Managers.

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Operational Considerations

Every little detail of a team stay is reviewed to ensure all internal departments are fully and adequately prepared.

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Food and Beverage

We look at the importance of a good F&B offering and how it can affect not only performance, but morale.

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